From the throne

Me pidieron una palabra y el resultado ha sido este.

Mi palabra fue “libertad”.

Mi sorpresa fue la música de Björk.

Gracias por todo ello… y por lo que queda por venir.


It is what you want,

It is what you need

Fills your endless nights

While chains rub your skin.


Your knees are rubbed too

blood on de floor

when you kneel

That’s how I like it, baby

submissive, silent

If you behave,

you’ll have what you long for.


This implemented desire

to reach it, stretch an arm

to get to me, step right

sweat, bleed, dry yourself out

desired prize is not so far

but you won’t get it without scars


for me,

to contrast with my skin,

impolite and divine,

safe from harm from the first time.


Such a shame you won’t realize,

you don’t need me at all

too worried, too busy, too blind

this illusion,

this opium,

Will never free you from my desire.


I am safe myself

… I am, right?

From: xxx

To: Rogelio



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